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Facts About Israel That You May Not Have Known But Should in Today's World

Nadene Goldfoot                                 
Israel is made up of only 8,019 square miles having lost 80% of land promised to them from the League of Nations and the United Nations.  Like former President Bush has said, it could fit into his ranch's driveway.

It's smaller than El Salvador which is 8,123 sq. miles
                          New Jersey which is 8,729 sq. miles
                          Taiwan        which is 13,731 sq miles
                          United Kingdom   is 94,525 sq miles
                          California   which is 158,302 sq miles
                          France        which is 211,209 sq miles

And the Middle East:

Israel's land mass is about  1/625th (1/6 of 1% of the size of the Arab World .)  Israel has 6 million Jews and 1.7 million Arabs as citizens.  7.7 million total.
The Arab League is made up of 22 countries:  Algeria, Bahrain, Comoros, Djibouti, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Malta, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Western Sahara, Yemen, and Wikipedia includes the Palestinian Authority which is not an actual state, but Palestine is a member of the Arab League.
Speaking of the Muslim majority World, that is made up of 48 countries, trying to add Palestine on as the 49th.  Countries belonging to it are-from biggest to smallest:

Indonesia, Pakistan,Bangladesh, Nigeria, Egypt, Iran, Turkey, Sudan, Algeria, Morocco, Iraq, Afghanistan, Malaysia,Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Yemen, Syria, Kazakhstan, Niger, Burkina Faso, Mali, Senegal, Tunisia, Guinea, Soalia, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Sierra Leone, Libya, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Chad, Lebanon, Kuwait, Albania, Mauaritania, Oman, Kosovo, The Gambia, Bahrain, Comoros, Qatar, Djibouti, Brunei, Maldives, and the 48th is the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

In the world there were in 2010 300 million Middle Eastern Arabs and Muslims
There are today, 6 million Jews living in Israel, 6 million Jews in the USA and 2 million scattered, 14 million altogether.

Lebanon used to be ruled by the minority Christians, with Major Hadad as Israel's friend helping to patrol  her borders.   Israel is the only Middle East country today where the Christian population is thriving instead of disappearing like the Lebanese Christians.   Between 1948 and 1998, Israel's Christians grew 4 times over.  from 34,000 to 130,000.

That's pretty amazing since Christianity in the world numbers to 2 billion people.
Islam.............................................................................................. 1.3 billion
Hinduism:                                                                                   900 million people
Buddhism                                                                                    360 million people
Judaism..........................................................................................14 million people

Religious majority in countries around the world are:

1 Jewish state:  ISRAEL
4 Hindu states:
12 Eastern Orthodox states
20 Protestant states
49 Roman Catholic states
56 Islamic states

Israel was occupied by the Romans who finally destroyed their Temple and Jerusalem in 70 CE.  They've been without their own home till May 14, 1948 CE.  However, there was always a continuous Jewish presence living in Israel for the past 3,000 years.  It's a part of Judaism, written in the Tanakh (Old Testament) that this was their land.
What the League of Nations had promised to be the Jewish Homeland
Palestine was part of the Ottoman Empire for past 400 years.
The Turks lost it because they sided with the Germans in WWI
The Allies had won against the Axis.  
In 1899, Yusuf diya al-Khalidi, Arab mayor of Jerusalem  was for the rebirth of Israel.  But then Haj Amin al-Husseini, the notorious Sherif of Jerusalem AKA the Grand Mufti, was against the development of Israel.He was thinking of his infamous position there and didn't intend to lose it to the Jews.  The odd thing is that he received this position from an English Jew, part of those holding the 30 year mandate, a responsibility of governing awarded to them by the League of Nations before turning the land over to the Jews.

"Emir Faisal, a leader of the Arab world in 1919 said, "It is manifestly right that the scattered Jews should have a national center and a national home and be reunited, and where else but in Palestine, with which for 3,000 years they have been intimately and profoundly associated."  This is why he was a leader.  He was honest, well educated and not anti-Semitic.  These were the days when all things were possible.  It was the days when the Jews planned on an Israel of a Utopia for themselves and Arabs living with them.  No one counted on the nastiness that the Grand Mufti could create, or the change in Islamic beliefs that seemed to occur.  Jews had lived in Arab counties not as citizens but as 2nd class people; as dminnis  with restrictions, some worse in different countries.  They'd never been totally sought after to be killed outright.


An aside:  I had not realized that the original size of Israel had included Jordan and 80% of the Jewish Homeland had been lopped off to satisfy the Saudi Arabian Prince to got it and renamed it Trans-Jordan.  I found out through my good Muslim friend, a Syrian.  I do have a few Muslim friends that are as aware of the Middle East situation and are rooting for Israel's rights to exist and I bless them everyday for their friendship.  May G-d also keep bless them and keep them safe.  They are helping to open the eyes of their compatriots. 

HEZBOLLAH (Party of God) Real Terrorists Out to Destroy Israel

Nadene Goldfoot                                           
Hezbollah was founded in 1982 by Iranian Revolutionary Guards in Southern Lebanon but established there by Iran.  They admit that they sent fighters to Syria. 

Their ideology is that of the Shia Islamic fundamentalism.  They are a terrorist group which also act as a Lebanese political party.  The goals of Iran are to establish an Islamic state across the Arab world just like ISIS has been doing, and to eliminate Israel and fight "Western Imperialism."

They act by creating shootings, rocket attacks, bombings, kidnappings and suicide bombings.  For instance, 241 US Marines wee killed by suicide bombers who were driving a truck.  They were the guilty party who bombed the US Marine barracks and embassy in Beirut in 1983. 
William Buckley b: May 30, 1928-murdered June 3, 1985
Served in Korean War, 
They beheaded the United States CIA Chief William Buckley in Beirut in 1985.  Coincidentally, their official manifesto was released on February 16, 1985.  "On March 16, 1984, Buckley was kidnapped by Hezbollah from his apartment building when he was leaving for work." He was dragged from his car at gunpoint March 16, 1984, while traveling the six blocks from the embassy to his 10th-story penthouse apartment." It was thought that one of the reasons he was kidnapped along with two other Americans at different times in Beirut was because of the upcoming trial of 17 Iranian-backed militants that was about to begin in Kuwait. Army Major General Carl Stiner had warned Buckley that he was in danger, but Buckley told him that "I have a pretty good intelligence network. I think I'm secure." 

However, according to Stiner, Buckley continued to live in his apartment and travel the same route to and from work every day." Three weeks after Buckley's abduction, President Ronald Reagan signed National Security Decision Directive 138. This directive was drafted by Oliver North and outlined plans on how to get the American hostages released from Iran and to "neutralize" alleged "terrorist threats" from countries such as Nicaragua. This new secret counterterrorist task force was to be headed by Shackley's old friend, General Richard Secord. This was the beginning of the Iran–Contra affair, which culminated in the exchange of missiles for the release of hostages."On October 4, 1985, Islamic Jihad announced that it had executed Buckley."  Everyone was ready to take credit for his death.  
Hezbollah's charter starts by blaming Israel for defending themselves.  "The Lebanese Hezbollah (Hizbollah, Hezbullah, Hezbu Allah and other spellings) was founded in Lebanon in the 1980s in response to the Israeli invasion. They are a client organization of Iran and Syria, organizing Lebanese Shi'ites and competing with the more moderate Shi'ite party led by Nabih Berri. The name means "Party of God" (Hizbu Allah). The organization follows the theocratic philosophy of governance of the Ayatollah Khomeini. As the organization evolved, it restated its originally announced objectives of expelling Israel and the Americans and French from Lebanon into objectives of destroying Israel."
They killed 29 people in the bombing of the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires in 1992. 
96 people were killed by them in the bombing of the Israeli Cultural Center in Buenos Aires in 1994.

These Hezbollah terrorists who Javier Solana claims are not terrorists committed 813 terrorist attacks between 1990 to 1995. 

They kidnapped and murdered 3 Israeli border guards in 2000. 
They committed 183 terrorist attacks between May 2000 to May 2004.

Then they kidnapped 2 Israeli soldiers and killed 8 besides shelling northern Israeli towns in 2006 which initiated a war across  the  internationally recognized border of Israel. 

Though not usually made up of Palestinians, they use them as their additional cause to fight so that they support Palestinian terrorist groups completely.  Terrorists stick together as long as they are not competing for power.  To do this their actions have been to set up cells in Judea-Samaria (West Bank) and in Gaza, which is siding with Hamas terrorists.  They continuously attacked across the Israel-Lebanese border. 

Their operatives are in the Caribbean and Central, North and South America.  They've already been caught in the USA planning an attack. 
The US State Department has listed them as a terrorist organization. 
"The group follows the militant Shia doctrines calling for a one Islamic government uniting all Arab nations while liberating Jerusalem from the Jews. Their policy is based on global terrorism, but focus their attacks primarily on Israeli and American targets, with a rational based on both politics and religion. Since the eradication of Israel is their main priority, they usually target advantageous places in Israel. Their manifest calls for opposition to Israel and its western allies. To further its cause, Hezbollah targets key US military spots, have kidnapped and killed US officers, and many other westerners over their existence."

Today, May 25, "Hezbollah said that Israeli warplanes struck a military airport in Syria manned by its fighters.
Al-Akhbar, the official newspaper of the Shiite Islamist group, reported Friday that the previous night’s attack near Homs occurred as Syrian anti-aircraft missiles engaged the planes launching missiles at the airport. Israeli aircraft returned fire, according to the report.  According to the Syrian Center on Human Rights, six missiles were fired at the Edbah Airport, destroying Hezbollah weapons caches. Israel has declined to comment on the strike Thursday."
Hezbollah overtook the area from Sunni rebels in 2013." Iran supports Assad in Syria.  

Research:  Israel 101 produced by StandWithUs from

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When A Fraudulent Immigrant to USA Turned Out to Be a PFLP Terrorist Killing Two Israelis

Nadene Goldfoot
"Rasmea Yousef Odeh in Arabic رسمية يوسف عودة (born 1947/1948; also known as Rasmea YousefRasmieh Steve, and Rasmieh Joseph Steve)] is a Jordanian and former American citizen of Palestinian origin who was a member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) , a terrorist group,  convicted with life imprisonment  by Israeli courts for her role in the murder of two students, Leon Kanner and Eddie Joffe in the 1969 Jerusalem Supermarket bombing."

The deaths and injuries were caused by a bomb placed in a crowded Jerusalem SuperSol supermarket which the two students stopped in at to buy groceries for a field trip. The same bomb wounded 9 others. A second bomb was found at the supermarket, and defused.

In the investigation that followed the bombings, authorities uncovered an arsenal of PFLP weaponry including explosives

Today her picture is being glorified adorning the wall of an Arab restaurant in Oakland, California called the Reems Bakery.  Since when is it right to glorify a killer?  This is what Abbas of Fatah does in Judea-Samaria-known to people outside as the West Bank.  He glorifies murderers of Jews by naming places after them.  You can be sure that the people who shop in this bakery-restaurant know who she is.  It must draw them there.  However, they're not sitting in the West Bank anymore.  This is California-USA.  What do you think about it, California?  ICE, can you imagine what conversations go on in here?  
PFLP women completing military training coarse 

She spent 10 years in prison before she was released in a prisoner exchange with the PFLP in 1980.  She was released in the exchange, " and she immigrated to the United States, became a U.S. citizen, and she served as associate director at the Arab American Action Network in Chicago, Illinois."

Rasmea was convicted again in 2014, this time in the USA for immigration fraud  by a jury in federal court in DetroitMichigan, for concealing her arrest, conviction, and imprisonment for the 1969 bombings. On December 11, she was released on bond.  Odeh was sentenced to 18 months in federal prison on March 12, 2015, stripped of her US citizenship, and set for deportation to Jordan after serving her time.  Note:  this is all happening during Obama's last years. 

"Convicted Palestinian terrorist Rasmea Yousef Odeh, an organizer of a Day Without a Woman, has agreed to leave the country in exchange for no jail time for failing to disclose the conviction on her U.S. visa application."
On August 17, 2017, Odeh was formally stripped of her US citizenship in a federal court hearing in Detroit before Judge Gershwin Drain. She was subsequently ordered to be deported to Jordan and to pay a $1,000 fine for immigration fraud.
On September 20, 2017, Odeh was deported to Jordan.  She has a following, since PFLP is now a defunct group.  It began in 1967 with George Habash and Ahmad Sadat and was found in the West Bank, Gaza, Syria and Lebanon.  They were Communist revolutionaries believing in armed innsurrection and refused to recognize Israel.  They broke with the PLO of Arafat in 1974 because Arafat planned on his takeover in stages and they want the land right now, then saw it was a little harder to do and returned to the PLO.  They planned plane hijackings, shootings, bombings and suicide attacks against Israel.                 

Bad actors seem to be able to make people think of them as a victim.  This is how she has collected admirers.   Rasmea Odeh is no victim.  She's a terrorist who killed students and injured shoppers.  
The following posts at Legal Insurrection, among others, methodically rebut the propaganda put out by Rasmea and her supporters:
Rasmea in fact was a military member of the PFLP and so important that famed hijacker Leila Khalid formed the “Rasmea Odeh Brigade” to try to free her, and the Black September 1972 Olympic terrorists included Rasmea on a list of prisoners they wanted released.
“They found bomb-making material in her room at her father’s house. And interestingly, the Israelis didn’t prosecute the father [for the bombing]. They reached the determination that he was unaware of what his daughter had in her bedroom. Now if the Israelis were so unfair, why wouldn’t they have prosecuted the father? If all they wanted to do was prosecute innocent Palestinians, why didn’t they prosecute the father? ….
This whole history of Rasmea portrayed by her supporters was a complete fabrication.”  Now Jordan can have her.  

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One of Israel's Detractors: Javier Solana, Spanish Socialist Politician

Nadene Goldfoot
Dr. Javier Solana, born July 14, 1942 in Madrid, Spain
Donald Trump was born June 14, 1946 in Queens, NY.  
A member of the EU who is not a friend of Israel is Dr. Javier Solana.  He was appointed "the European Union's High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy, Secretary General of the Council of the European Union and Secretary-General of the Western European Union and held these posts from October 1999 until December 2009.  Being his father was a chemistry professor, it was natural for him to also pursue a profession as a physicist.  He speaks Spanish, French and English and lives in Brussels,  the capitol of Belgium.    "Solana's grandfather was Salvador de Madariaga, who was chief of the League of Nations' Disarmament Section, Spanish Ambassador to the U.S., and militated for a united and integrated Europe."

"In 1965 he went to the United States, where he spent six years studying at various universities on a Fulbright Scholarship.  He visited the University of Chicago and the University of California, San Diego, and then enrolled in the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences of the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. There, he taught physics classes as a Teaching Assistant and carried on independent research; he also joined in the protests against the Vietnam War and was President of the Association of Foreign Students. He received his doctorate in physics from Virginia in 1971." 

"On 5 December 1995, Solana became the new Secretary-General of NATO.  Clinton must have liked him.  "The Clinton administration claimed in May 2000 that Solana was the fulfillment of Henry Kissinger's famous desire to have a phone number to talk to Europe .He's a negotiator of many treaties between Europe and Spanish-speaking countries.  
Dr. Javier Solana, member of the Spanish Socialist Workers Party,
an admirer of former President Obama 

"Solana has played an important role working toward a resolution to the Israeli–Palestinian conflict, and continues to be a primary architect of the "Road Map for Peace," along with the UN, Russia, and the United States in the Quartet on the Middle East. On 22 July 2004 he met Ariel Sharon in Israel. Sharon had originally refused to meet Solana, but eventually accepted that, whether he liked it or not, the EU was involved in the Road Map. He (Solana) criticised Israel for obstructing the Palestinian presidential election of 9 January 2005, but then met Sharon again on 13 January.
In November 2004 he assisted the United Kingdom, France and Germany in negotiating a nuclear material enrichment freeze with Iran.  In late 2004, Solana held secret negotiations with Hamas leaders, saying that he met them at a time when there seemed to be an opportunity for progress, and were to "pass a clear message of what the international community wants", and said that the meetings occurred "months" before.[
In 2010, after he had left office, he signed a petition along with 25 other EU leaders directed at his successor, Catherine Ashton, calling for EU sanctions on Israel in response to continued settlement construction in the West Bank.""(Judea-Samaria-our ancient homeland).   

Today, Dr. Solana is the President of ESADE's Center for Global Economy and Geopolitics, and a Distinguished Fellow at Brookings Intitution, and a member of  the World Economic Forum's Global Agenda Council on Europe.   Many people have their eyes on him.  

On February 20th of this year, he commented about the confusion that was characterizing the US Policy under Donald Trump.  It's obvious, since he liked Obama, that he isn't a Trump fan.  

It was recently, on April 20th that he worried about technical and economic changes that must be overwhelming political leaders today and their capacity to manage them.  

Then again on May 11th, he let his hair down that he expects chaos to follow from the USA's President Trump's decision to scrap the Iran nuclear agreement.  Remember, he was in on the original deal, probably with John Kerry, of working on the present Iran deal. "In November 2004 he assisted the United Kingdom, France and Germany in negotiating a nuclear material enrichment freeze with Iran."

The EU sees itself as being very powerful today, and "JAVIER SOLANA . . . is evidently the world's new spokesman via the power and authority vested in him by the European Union,"

In 2006, "EU Foreign Policy Chief Javier Solana arrived in Israel Wednesday with suggestions that Israel "act proportionately" and with excuses as to why the EU does not consider Hizbullah a terror group."  How irrational the EU is about this.  It's a proven fact that they are a terrorist groupAlready I'm pulling my hair out at his comment.  

On June 6, 2006, which explains the 666 used, he was in Teheran, Iran, presenting the Iran nuclear deal and then in 18:00 hours he was in Germany receiving one of his many many awards.  

The Iranian response to his proposal of June 6th is: "The Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran presents its reply to the package offered on June 6, 2006 by Mr. Javier Solana in Tehran following examination by expert groups, on the basis of the above states precepts and in consideration of the initiative of Mr. Kofi Annan, the United Nations Secretary General. "  Part of their smooth answer to Javier was, "The massive sums spent from the wealth of nations on production, stockpiling, development and proliferation of these weapons would largely contribute to uprooting the causes of insecurity, instability and injustice, replacing them with peace and security, justice, peaceful coexistence and welfare, if applied to serving the people and spread of spirituality and morality, eradication of deprivations in education, health and welfare and development of peaceful science and technology. "  Evidently he fell for it.  
Netanyahu's speech in 2012, mocked by White House

Even though this deal affected Israel the most, of course it didn't deter him in the slightest as it went through.  Israel was given a countdown of how soon Iran would be dropping an atom bomb on the teeny country to destroy it.  Even Netanyahu's plea didn't turn heads in our government.  The Democrats refused to listen to Netanyahu when he flew all the way from Israel to plead his case of survival to the Democrats and Republicans in 2012.  They didn't even stay to listen.  

At this point, the best way to encourage Israelis and Palestinians to return to the negotiating table is to work to level the playing field. Because the US clearly won't do that, the EU must take the lead, sending a message that is as forceful as it is necessary, by immediately recognizing the State of Palestine."  This recognition only whets their appetite for more.  He is rewarding not only bad behavior of the bully, but is rewarding the ability to lie and cheat and steal land.  These Arabs, who originally called themselves Syrians, never came from a Palestine.  There never was a Palestine with a king, president or any kind of leadership.  It was land renamed by the Romans for Israel's worst enemy, named this as a thorn in our side, and it remains just that.
I am not for this at all.  Hamas and Fatah have only shown that they can't live up to any kind of peace deal.  They can't even bring themselves to change their charter to destroy Israel.  Doesn't this tell sane people something?  

There are many Christians who are worried about a world control, and the EU seems to be filling that position to them. Their comment is, "Further, if the EU is about monetary matters (and not world control), why is it already mediating diplomatic matters such as the Israel Iran crisis, and maintaining armies to enforce its dictates such as EUFOR, Eurocorps and its European Union battlegroups?"

It used to be that we Jews were accused of being in control of the world, but I haven't heard that accusation for a long time, now.  It's also interesting that there are Christians who believe in the replacement theory in that Jews are no longer considered as "the chosen ones" but that they themselves have replaced us.  Funny, but these are things we never have thought about.  To us, being chosen meant that G-d gave us more responsibility on our shoulders, as as Tevyeh put it in "Fiddler on the Roof," why couldn't he have chosen someone else?  Don't we have enough on our plate?  So, out of the Christians' replacing us, the EU is now the heavy.  And they are taking responsibility seriously, taking in more refugees, causing the complexity of their own countries to radically change lately.  Just look at Sweden.  

Javier Solana is being considered by some Christians to be the anti-Christ.  Jews have no such word as this, so it's a new concept to me, but I've heard of it.  They are using their form of a bible code to be conclusive.  I note that since Jerusalem's Dr. Eliyahu Rips created his own computer program of a way to find a bible code, Christians have been making their own bible codes with the same way of using biblical texts in finding underlying codes beneath.  Solana, coming from Spain, is probably Catholic, and I don't know if such a theory exists in his religion or not.  This may be the risks involved in holding such a powerful position.  People are led to believe you are taking over the world, especially with your Socialistic viewpoints.  

From wikipedia, I learn:  "In some schools of non-legalistic medieval Jewish eschatology, a comparable (parodic) anti-Messiah figure, son of a virgin, is called Armilus, "a king who will arise at the end of time against the Messiah, and will be conquered by him after having brought much distress upon Israel."[7] The concept of an antichrist is absent in traditional Judaism; however, in the medieval diaspora, his inevitable destruction is narrated as the symbol of ultimate victory of good over evil in the Messianic age. 

However, as naive as I am as an American retired Jewish teacher, I've never thought of the EU as being powerful, being they aren't as large as the USA, nor do I think they surpass our powerful country.  In the 2nd WW, we came to their aid and wound up fighting on two fronts, Europe and the Pacific stationed Japan, and we are now friends with both Germany and Japan.  I've thought of them simply as small countries like our own 50 states banning together like we did on a common continent for protection and aid, our common good.  We are a people who left Europe and their ways.  Our Pilgrims thought they were re-living the Israelite's good fortune of finding their own Israel.  They even studied Hebrew, with Yale or Harvard taking it up as a course of study.  That was back in our early days, of course.  

The EU is made up of 28 countries.  "

Countries with dates in which they joined: 1958 - Belgium, France, (West) Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands 1973 - Denmark, Ireland, UK 1981 - Greece 1986 - Portugal, Spain 1995 - Austria, Finland, Sweden 2004 - Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia 2007 - Romania, Bulgaria.  

I remember that Great Britain has dropped out.  It was hurting them financially, I believe.  

Dr. Solana is not a friend of Israel or of Trump at this time.    He is a 76 year old man to be reckoned with who has opposing ideas that will only bring great harm to Israel.  Trump will be 71 June 14th.    I think he can handle him, even though they differ.  He's not the President of any European country.  He  has the UN"s ear,  and that we know is not a friend of Israel.  What reason does he have not to like Israel?  Probably the same as so many Europeans.  Anti-Semitism.  It behooves me!  


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False Hamas Information Led to Gazan Protest and Deaths

Nadene Goldfoot

Ismail Haniya, Hamas  Palestinian Terrorist leader,
Hamas creation was in 1987

Leader in Gaza

"Palestinians in the Gaza Strip were planning a six-week-long tent city protest near the Israeli border, starting on March 30, demanding that Palestinian refugees be allowed to return to their homes in Israel, organizers said on Wednesday."
These are the Arabs who by their own leadership's decisions, were to live in Gaza and who voted in Haniya's Hamas terrorists as their leadership.  
Homes left?  1948 was met with attack within 5 minutes after announcing Israel's birth.  It finally ended in 1949.  Those Arabs who did not follow their own leaders to leave became Israeli citizens. Those Arab leaders  who had Arabs leave to return quickly after they had won the battle, wound up in refugee camps because they had lost.  None of the surrounding Arab countries would take them in as citizens, but kept them in camps-probably just to make Israel look terrible.  That's where they've been.  So don't tell me that Israel has made a prison out of Gaza and they have lovely homes just waiting for them within Israel's boundaries.  These people have been fed a pile of false information that is unbelievable!  By 1967 with the immense attack of all Arab nations on Israel, Israel won back land Jordan had held; the West Bank of the Jordan River known to Jews as Judea and Samaria.  The Arabs got to stay, and now they have been squatters, being governed by Abbas.                                                     

Such a demonstration, envisaging families camped out along the border area, could present a dilemma for the Israeli military that enforces a "no-go" zone for Palestinians on land adjacent to Israel's frontier fence. "  Of course we now see that in order to enforce the no-go zone that is extremely important, lives were lost.  Pamplets were dropped before the excitement days before warning of the consequences, but Arab leadership insisted upon the Arab rioting and efforts to destroy the fence.  Lots of weapons were found by IDF.  What Hamas gained was sympathy for themselves and hatred for Israel by the masses, ammunition for the UN.                                                                 
Starting proceedings in 2003 with Sharon, "in 2005, Israel removed ground forces from the Gaza Strip while maintaining control over the region's air space, border crossings and territorial waters. As a result, United Nations officials Richard Falk and Christopher Gunness argued that the Gaza Strip remained de facto occupied by Israel. From 2007 until 2014, the Gaza Strip was then controlled by Hamas, an Islamist group described as a terrorist organization by the United States and the United Kingdom, among others." No one could have been worse than Richard Falk, who had a real anti Semitic problem of his own.  He was against Israel from the get go.  

"The Israeli disengagement from Gaza (Hebrew: תוכנית ההתנתקות‬, Tokhnit HaHitnatkut; in the Disengagement Plan Implementation Law), also known as "Gaza expulsion" and "Hitnatkut", was the withdrawal of the Israeli army from inside the Gaza Strip, and the dismantling of all Israeli settlements in the Gaza Strip in 2005."  In other words, Israel got out of Gaza and gave it to the Palestinians in 2005.  Many Israels had to leave their homes and businesses in order to take this gigantic step for peace.  " A total of 8,000 Jewish settlers from all 21 settlements in the Gaza Strip were relocated."   That was 13 years ago.  
From the League of Nations to the United Nations; taking land away from Israel.
The 4th panel is 1948-49.
The next to last panel (5) is and in 1967.
The last panel shows how Israelis have had to leave Gaza and Judea/Samaria physically from land to be the Jewish Homeland originally promised.  
"Following the withdrawal, Hamas was elected as the Palestinian government which started the chain reaction leading to Operation "Summer Rains" later within that year.
In December 2006, news reports indicated that a number of Palestinians were leaving the Gaza Strip, due to political disorder and "economic pressure" there. In January 2007, fighting continued between Hamas and Fatah, without any progress towards resolution or reconciliation.  Fighting spread to several points in the Gaza Strip with both factions attacking each other. In response to constant attacks by rocket fire from the Gaza Strip, Israel launched an airstrike which destroyed a building used by Hamas.  In June 2007 the Fatah–Hamas conflict reached its height and Hamas took control over the Gaza Strip."
Hamas is the most violent of the two terrorist groups, Fatah being led by Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas by Ismail Haniya.  "The battle resulted in the dissolution of the unity government and the de facto division of the Palestinian territories into two entities, the West Bank governed by the Palestinian National Authority, and Gaza governed by Hamas."  They continue to come together and then fall apart, constantly battling over power.
Ismail Haniya is the leader of Hamas, created in 1987 as the outgrowth of Fatah, both being terror organizations that led to being political parties as well.  They have a charter that details their goals of destroying Israel and turning it into a Muslim state. 
35,000 to 40,000 Gazan Arabs trying to break down the fence 
"The State of Palestine (as seen by the UN being a state) claims two territories: the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. The U.N. considers both regions occupied by Israel, although Palestinians do control some parts of both. Palestine is broken into Area A, which is fully governed by Palestinians; Area B, which has shared control; and Area C, which is under full Israeli control. In 2014, negotiations between Palestine and Israel failed and escalated into war between Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, and Israel.
The Palestine population in Gaza and the West Bank is estimated at 5.05 million."  The West Bank, (Judea and Samaria, ancient Israel's land) is governed by Fatah.  In real time, Israel has 3 problems; 2 separate lands inhabited by enemy Palestinians trying to destroy them plus the UN which sides with the Palestinians.
Right now the problem lies with the Hamas controlled Gaza, plus the Iranian problem of having taken over Syria and trying to attack Israel from there.  Already they have hit the Golan Heights in an attack that was countered by Israel hitting their ammunition supply depots in Syria.  In a smaller view, it's like America being attacked by Germany and Japan at the same time with having a divided armed forces  in several areas.  
Israel is made of a Jewish population of 6 million and an Arab of 1.7 million.  The League of Nations had Palestine as the Jewish Homeland but Great Britain immediately gave away 80% of it to a Saudi Arabian prince who needed land to rule and had lost his position in his own homeland, so he pleaded with Great Britain who saw benefits coming their way in the guarantee of a future oil supply.  That land became Jordan.  Somehow, their own Judea and Samaria was also in Arab hands, and they were allowed to keep the Negev desert region and the mosquito infested swamps.  Well, they turned it all into a garden of Eden pretty much.  What's left of the land promised as the Jewish homeland has again been chewed off and Israel is expected to give while the Arabs keep taking.  Israel today is said to fit into former President Bush's ranch of 8,000 sq miles.  Tiny but amazing for out of it has come the efforts of its creative minds, sharing with the world their discoveries that are often life-saving.  I only hope that every time that Israel shares with the world something like cancer fighting medical discoveries, or saving water in a desert, things that help the world that they continue to do, that the UN has a giant stomach ache.

Some people are having a hard time with Israel being a Jewish state of 6 million Jews and 1.7 million Arabs.  It is the only Jewish state in a world which has 14 million Jews-0.02% of the world's population.  That's because once there was a Jewish state that was overtaken by the Romans when they burned down Jerusalem and its Temple in 70 CE and Jews, a minority then as now who remained alive, found themselves without a home until 1948 when Israel was reborn again.  These same people just see it as another state, no different than the 48 Muslim states that are vastly gigantic in comparison, or the rest the world's Christian states.
Israel, that place Moses returned Jews to in 1271 BCE
King Saul, their first king in 1020 BCE
King David 1010 to 970 BCE
King Solomon 961 to 920 BCE 
 As of the year 2015, Christianity has more than 2.3 billion adherents, out of about 7.5 billion people. The faith represents one-third of the world's population and is the largest religion in the world, with the three largest groups of Christians being the Catholic Church, Protestantism, and the Eastern Orthodox Church.[5] The largest Christian denomination is the Catholic Church, with 1.2 billion adherents.[6] The second largest Christian branch is either Protestantism (if it is considered a single group), or the Eastern Orthodox Church (if Protestants are considered to be divided into multiple denominations).
Pardon us, but showing how the world feels towards Jews with the Holocaust that slaughtered 6 million Jews, we'd prefer to follow what we were told in the first place, to live in our own designated country, and back in 1917 at the end of WWI, the League of Nations were in agreement with us.    We came back to a land NO ONE wanted, neglected beyond repair, and the Jews repaired it anyway, for it was holy land to them, not to anyone else.  Now that its so cool, everyone wants it from the surrounding neighborhood.  The land was waiting for the Jews to return, for then it flourished.  

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